The back end of Mount St. Helens

Silicon Valley, the central hub for startups, one can spend long hours and live a life of isolation from family in friends in an attempt to strike it rich. Some consider it the place of the modern day gold rush. Unlike the gold rush of the past, the money doesn't come in the form of rare metal but the overhyped potential of companies deemed as 'unicorns.'

The thought of being part of something bigger, especially for someone out of college, is a tempting prospect. What most budding professionals don't realize is that it comes with a price. It comes with the price of happiness and time.

After spending five years in the Bay Area following the same script that many of my peers followed besides me, a chemical reaction was slowly bubbling inside my heart. I felt my insides churning as I started getting closer and closer to potential panic attacks and depression. Despite my best efforts to cope, I knew that my future and my happiness needed to take first priority. To put it in metaphor, it felt like I was on a boat headed for rocky shores with no one at he wheel. I had the potential to save myself, and the boat for that matter, as long as I could steer it to deeper waters.

I had accomplished lots at my last full time day job but but it was no longer fulfilling. My social circle was growing exponentially and my hobbies kept me busy but the hollowness was glaring. I started realizing that maybe it was time to relive myself from the industry hamster wheel. After reading around, it seemed like that had all the pre-requisites:

  1. Be young
  2. Be Single
  3. Be debt free.

After some more calculated thought and a well timed trip to Las Vegas with good friends, my decision was made. I put in my resignation to the job I spent 2+ dedicated years the Monday I returned to work. The goal: and set out to start experiencing new things that I normally wouldn't have been able to do if I were employed. Since leaving my day job I have already taken advantage of the opportunities around me including a 10-day vipassana meditation workshop (more on this later).

Moving forward though, by August 5, 2016, I will be leaving the comforts of my San Francisco apartment, selling the majority of my worldly belongings and starting on a journey with no timeline or final destination.

Wolff Rides West is the means of which I will share all the trials and tribulations as I journey across lands near and far. Most importantly, I want to ensure that not only will I share the places but also share the interactions with the people I meet along the way. In my opinion, people are often what makes the places around the world interesting.

So, without further ado, consider this my formal invite for you to join (digitally) along on this journey. I'll see you on the road!