My motorcycle camping gear

Everything that I've packed for my trip.

This post I’m going to show ya’ll what i’ve packed for my trip. I chose these things based on reviews, my experience riding to Alaska and my needs at the time. More details below!

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A little social engineering will do

Morning sun through the trees.

So i’m still trying to figure out what format works best for these posts. I have limited time to write, edit and also adventure. Most posts I will at least include the following:

  1. Lessons... read more.

Losing my way and tasty redemption

These fire roads are nice!

In my quest to find something new and different to do, I find myself wine tasting in the valleys of Oregon and talking about the properties of the abundant backcountry wood. On top of it... read more.

Mountain passes and jerky

Only U can do it.

My day started at Clam Beach where I bid adieu to barking dogs and loud families. I wanted to get away from the coast which was cloudy and cold for most of my trip. I... read more.

Don't eat the clams at Clam Beach

One of my favorites, Avenue of the Giants!

I head north after briefly enjoying Westport. The next destination? The Avenue of the Giants and Eureka. I had already been to this area around 3.5-4 years ago when I rode with a buddy from... read more.

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