Taiwanese Lunch Box

Tip 13

Ever think that your local cuisine is unhealthy? Try living in Taiwan, only eat street food and not gain any weight. ;) read more.

The Advantages of Power Bank and Paper

Tip 12

Now, you’re stuck in the middle of no where with a dead cellphone, don’t you wish you had a backup plan? Having an external battery pack on the go has been useful while learning a... read more.

The Benefits of Travel Insurance

Tip 11

You’re in the middle of nowhere. You’re wondering “Why does everything hate me?!” Everything has gone wrong and you have no where else to turn to… but your insurance policy! And in a good way.... read more.

How to Save Your Cellphone From Going For A Swim

Tip 10

We have all had electronic devices go for a swim at one point or another. For instance, back in August, my laptop had a whole cup of water fall on it. Just recently, my iPad... read more.

The Deal Technique

Tip 9

Man, this past week has not been a good week for my electronics. My iPad decided to go for a swim in beer on New Years. 😱 I thought it was doomed but I was... read more.

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