Writing on iPad

Writing on the iPad

Writing on the iOS platform can be a biiiiitch unless you know what you’re doing. My hacks for providing the best writing environment for the iPad are as follows: read more.

Camera to iPad Import

Camera to iPad Import

Syncing from a camera to the iPad is surprisingly easy as long as you have the right tools.. read more.

Take Raw Photos

Tip of the Day

iOS currently has some dodgy support for RAW photos. RAW photos contain the every bit of information that is generated by the photo sensor inside your camera. This gives photographers and weekend warriors alike much... read more.

The backend of Mt. St. Helens

Paved mountain roads. My favorite!

One thing that I enjoy seeking out in the northwest is the paved mountain roads that zig and zag up and down the mountainous region. They’re welcoming and just have enough space to enjoy cruising.... read more.

In the Hood

Entertaining myself.

After a few days spent in Portland, it was time to get back on the road. My throttle hand was itching to get back to its rightful place. But first, the trip from Portland to... read more.

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