Jumping into Crater Lake!

Sometimes you really love a place enough to stay a little bit longer than you expected. Crater Lake on Day 7 happened to be that place. One of my favorite things about Crater Lake was the fact that the park was well thought out. Considering all the services for hikers, motorcyclers and rv'ers alike it was just an impressive place. Most importantly though, I was awestruck by the views as I circled the ginormous lake.

Besides getting the chance to go swimming (highly recommended but prepare to freeze your butt off), it was great to see all the angles of the lake for one last time before I headed north. I even took some time to read my kindle along one of the many lookout points before shifting my attention northward. After meeting Mark at Valley View Vineyard & Winery, my curiosity about the waterfalls along Route 138 was peaked so I had to go! It turned out to be a great compliment to the vast amount of forests and bodies of water that I had encountered thus far on the trip. Check out the pictures for more!

What I learned

  1. Take time to read the signs and information that the Park Service puts out for you to read. You never know what type of cool stuff you'll come upon.
  2. Heed the recommendations of strangers. Sometimes they pay off!
  3. When the path in front of you seems to end, the path forward may be hidden, keep looking until you find it!