Making a point.

Making a point. I just spent the past 2 weeks selling my life away. Starting tomorrow morning I will be living with only the things that will fit in my motorcycle luggage. My first day free from worldly things has already proved to be interesting...

On my first day of freedom, I already started making friends. In particular, I met this rad guy who works for Omni (Note: referral link) We hit it off and had a conversation that lasted practically until the sun went down. The video below is a short vlog on the big takeaways.

I'll be making my way out of the Bay Area early tomorrow and will be aiming for Fort Bragg. I do want to note my gratitude for everyone who has already taken me in as I dot the eyes and cross the t's. It'd be more stressful without you guys!

Until then, keep it real. 😎👍