Portland you're fun

Sunshine through the evergreens.

Not too much of an update here but I did want to highlight some of the cool places I went to eat and also the places I explored!

2016-10-18 · 3 min · 

Don't freak out

On the lift!

Tow truck rides are always interesting. You don't quite know whats going transpire as you chug along down the road. Does your tow truck driver like plushy dolls but is burly and covered in tattoos? Is he a member of the local motorcycle gang? Does he rock a side gig of dressing like a clown for kid's birthday parties?

2016-10-17 · 4 min · 

Humpty bumps

Mountain gravel.

Being on the road can be filled with fun but it also can be filled with problems. Broken motorcycles == broken hearts if you know what i mean. ;)

During the first leg of my journey, I was called to the dirt. I had spent plenty of time poking around on the pavement. I was seeing awesome places like Crater Lake, beautiful mountain passes and quaint (but really warm) valleys. Luckily, in Oregon, dirt and gravel are as common as ever so it was easy to find a road to spend some time on.

2016-09-14 · 5 min · 

Don't go chasing waterfalls

Jumping into Crater Lake!

Sometimes you really love a place enough to stay a little bit longer than you expected. Crater Lake on Day 7 happened to be that place.

2016-09-11 · 2 min · 

Reactor Thermolite Sleeping Bag Liner

Picture of the liner in its stuff sack.

I never knew why someone would want to buy a sleeping bag liner until I started using one myself. I purchased the Sea to Summit - Reactor Thermolite Sleeping Bag Liner on a whim and I've been impressed since.

2016-09-04 · 3 min ·