My motorcycle camping gear

Everything that I've packed for my trip.

This post I'm going to show ya'll what i've packed for my trip. I chose these things based on reviews, my experience riding to Alaska and my needs at the time. More details below!

2016-08-31 · 5 min · 

A little social engineering will do

So i'm still trying to figure out what format works best for these posts. I have limited time to write, edit and also adventure. Most posts I will at least include the following:

  1. Lessons learned
  2. Useful tips and tricks
  3. Reviews and/or links to places and resources

2016-08-29 · 4 min · 

Losing my way and tasty redemption

These fire roads are nice!

In my quest to find something new and different to do, I find myself wine tasting in the valleys of Oregon and talking about the properties of the abundant backcountry wood. On top of it all it was the first day I found myself off the intended road I wanted to take and into some place even cooler.

2016-08-16 · 3 min · 

Mountain passes and jerky

Only U can do it.

My day started at Clam Beach where I bid adieu to barking dogs and loud families. I wanted to get away from the coast which was cloudy and cold for most of my trip. I pulled out the map and it looked like a route running through the Cascades would be my best bet.

2016-08-15 · 3 min · 

Don't eat the clams at Clam Beach

One of my favorites, Avenue of the Giants!

I head north after briefly enjoying Westport. The next destination? The Avenue of the Giants and Eureka. I had already been to this area around 3.5-4 years ago when I rode with a buddy from San Francisco.

2016-08-14 · 3 min ·