Putting around Haines Alaska

Glaciers Chilkat State Park Haines Alaska

Rain. The Bringer of Life. Rain. The Bringer of Flash Floods. Rain. The Bringer of Wet Socks. Rain. The Bringer or Boring Days.

Rain. We woke up very much the same way we fell asleep with rain tapping on the roof of the tent. We still managed some adventure once the rain broke. Day 16 is here!

2017-05-08 · 4 min · 

The Cold Rainy Ride to Haines

Alaska Highway Riding East Before Haines Junction

Our ride from Tok to Haines was horrible and beautiful at the same time. I guess it was too much to ask for perfect weather the whole three weeks. Nevertheless we trucked on. To Haines!

2017-05-08 · 8 min · 

Being Helpful on the Road Back to Tok

Glenn Highway Riding North to Tok

After a restful night at the campgrounds behind House of Harley, we got packing. We were to make a Wal-Mart stop and then hit the road for Tok. Our riding portion of the adventure was almost over..

2017-05-01 · 7 min · 

Motorcycle Hope and the Whittier Tunnel

Aqua Blue Rivers Caused By Glaciers

It was another beautiful day in Alaska. We had just concluded our one night stay in Homer. We had figured, by this point, we were sufficiently far enough away from Haines that we should slowly head back (almost 1000 miles). There was still much more to see though! There were a few stops left on our list and both were worth it. Day 13 here we come.

2017-04-24 · 8 min · 

Motorcyling to the Homer Spit

Mt. McKinley from the Kenai Peninsula

A preview of things to come. We enjoyed Seward but there was much more to see. More about Day 12 after the break..

2017-04-17 · 5 min ·