We Motorcycle Down to Seward From Anchorage

Camping In Seward

Day 11 was a bit of a rest day. After sleeping about 12 hours we did decide to keep trucking. There was much to do and not enough time to do it all. More after the break..

2017-04-10 · 6 min · 

The Day of Rest: Motorcycling Can Be Tough

Chitina RV Park

After surviving a day of hell, we knew we needed a break. Our target destination for the day: Anchorage.

Daily report:

Still a little weary from the day before, we packed up and got back on the bikes. We then proceeded to ride back the way we came. Back to Glenallen, back to that darn Thai food truck.

2017-04-07 · 5 min · 

Riding Motorcycles at the Kennicott Circus

Denali Simple and Pretty

80% of the pictures I took with my cell phone didn't really serve justice. Just take my word for it it was beautiful. We survived a night camping out on the Denali. It definitely got the coldest here that night. We were prepared though with lots of warm clothing (and worst case, our motorcycle gear). By the morning the clouds rolled in and we couldn't see much. So, after a light breakfast we begrudgingly broke down camp.

2017-04-03 · 15 min · 

How do I sell a used motorcycle?

My 1150gs Up Close and Personal

Selling a motorcycle be a bit nerve-wracking the first time you do it. In this article, you learn actionable tips and tricks to get selling motorcycle right the first time.

2017-03-31 · 3 min · 

Riding Motorcycles on the Denali Highway

Riding on the George Parks Highway

Note 3/27: this is a repost back from September 3, 2013. Enjoy!

George Parks Highway

We woke up to sun to subtle drips and taps on the top of the tent. (Ugg. Rain.) We had enough of the Arctic Circle. We packed up with haste and began our journey back down to Fairbanks (and beyond). More info about Day 8 after the break..

2017-03-27 · 6 min ·