Motorcycling to the Arctic Circle

North Pole Sign

Note 3/17: this is a repost back from September 2, 2013. Enjoy!

Rumor had it it was raining in Anchorage. Rain is a good thing but not when you're riding your motorcycle through it. We decided to book for Fairbanks. Our final target: The Arctic Circle.

2017-03-24 · 6 min · 

Touchdown Alaska

Top of the World Highway

Note 3/17: this is a repost back from September 1, 2013. Enjoy!

Top of the World highway was reccomended to us from the guy who originally owned Gregg's motorcycle. He said "if there is one thing you shouldn't miss don't miss the Top of the World Highway." So if it's not obvious enough, we chose this to be our experience entering Alaska for the first time. More info past the break.

2017-03-20 · 5 min · 

The Final Stretch

The road to Dawson.

Note 3/17: this is a repost back from August 31, 2013. Enjoy!

After another night of successful camping, we were on the road again. Destination: Dawson City.

2017-03-17 · 4 min · 

Give Me A Y

Yukon Territory - ALCAN

Note 3/13: this is a repost back from August 30, 2013. Enjoy!

Our first night of camping went well. Especially for the fact that the mosquitos were all over us within 2 minutes of arriving. We made friends with one of the locals whom had found Gregg's bike most intriging. (See picture below)

2017-03-13 · 4 min · 

Glaciers Glaciers Everywhere

British Columbia is beautiful!

Note: originally posted on 8-29-2013.

British Columbia Is Beautiful! No lie, No lie. We had our eye on the prize, Yukon territory. It was a bit of a stretch from Vanderhoof but we were naive. So we packed up our stuff and headed back out on the road not knowing what the day would have in store for us...

2017-03-09 · 6 min ·