Getting Aquainted With Canada

The Best Place On Earth

Note 3/5: this is a repost back from August 28, 2013. Enjoy! We were off and running early in the morning. We knew it was to be another long day in addition to crossing into Canada. See the route and log below for more info.

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Alaska Bound

Alaska Bound on motorcycles!

Note 3/3: this is a repost back from August 27, 2013. Enjoy!

The adventure begins.

Alaska Calendar Event

It's 4:30am and you're stumbling around in the dark attempting to prevent the weight of your eyelids from pulling you back into a deep slumber. The motorcycle gear seems harder to put on. ("Did I snap those damn buttons incorrectly, again!?"). In your head you know you're ready for what is about to come next but you aren't quite ready to leave. You feel the sharp vibrations of your phone in your motorcycle jacket pocket; you know it's time to go.

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Planning the Great Alaskan Journey

BMW 1150GS Top Of The World

Note: this is a repost back from August 26, 2013. Feel free to follow along!

The Bike!

Both Gregg and I own the BMW R1150GS (both 2000 model year). I was apprehensive about upgrading from a 2002 F650GS at first because of the size but was soon convinced after purchasing that it was one of the best decisions I made for this trip. The 1150GS is meant for long haul trips over gravel, dirt and, of course, pavement. The model year design was moderately simplistic compared to some of the newer bikes. (2002-2004 versions have servo brakes which are known to cause problems, etc.) One of the main benefits of owning the same bike is that we have the same gas mileage and the fact that we can easily carry one set of emergency replacement parts should we need them.

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The Mission

An example picture brought to you by Gregg, it is of the mountains lining the eastern portion of the Denali Highway.

Note: This post was original posted on August 25, 2013 after arriving back from this trip. Follow along! As you may or may not know, Gregg G. and I just finished our trip to Alaska. We rode our motorcycles approximately 7081 miles in just 3 weeks! We took tons of pictures and videos of which some came out quite well. (I can't wait to share) Most importantly of all, we met some great people and forged some great memories that will stick with us for a lifetime!

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Hot Springs and Naked Taiwanese Men

Tip of the Day 19

This is a continuation of my post on social media as see on my Instagram here.

Feeling adventurous? Need to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life in the big city? Why not take a short trip to Beitou where all your hot spring related dreams can come true...

Ok, so maybe not dreams but this was an experience never to forget. My friend had suggested we go to the hot springs. I, being the open minded traveler I am, said why the hell not with little to no hesitation. Though I had some idea of what to expect, it turned out to be almost more than I could handle...

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