Where's the Money?

How to get accces to your cash abroad.

Getting your money in a foreign country used to be fraught with challenges. It often involved going to a branch of your bank and getting the money exchanged or visiting the money exchange kiosks in the airport (the terror 馃槺).

2017-02-12 路 2 min 路 

The Best of Everything

Is the best of everything really the best?

I often rely on review sites too much to dictate where I go and what I do. It's a culture that is especially prominent in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Sometimes people spend hours coordinating and researching restaurants they plan on dining at. This generally drives me absolutely bonkers.

2017-02-12 路 2 min 路 

The Deal Technique

Tip 9

Man, this past week has not been a good week for my electronics. My iPad decided to go for a swim in beer on New Years. 馃槺 I thought it was doomed but I was able to revive it following a few quick and painless steps. Stay tuned on a tip about that...

2017-02-12 路 3 min 路 

The backend of Mt. St. Helens

Paved mountain roads. My favorite!

One thing that I enjoy seeking out in the northwest is the paved mountain roads that zig and zag up and down the mountainous region. They're welcoming and just have enough space to enjoy cruising. Once you're on one of these roads it's just you and nature. No worries about losing tracking. No worries about getting some foreign object stuck in your tire. The focus is 100% on the ride and it's up to the rider on how fast or slow they want to go.

2016-10-23 路 7 min 路 

In the Hood

Entertaining myself.

After a few days spent in Portland, it was time to get back on the road. My throttle hand was itching to get back to its rightful place. But first, the trip from Portland to Eugene..

2016-10-21 路 4 min 路