Sunshine through the evergreens.

Not too much of an update here but I did want to highlight some of the cool places I went to eat and also the places I explored!

One of the many places that the locals will recommend is the International Rose Test Garden located smack dab in the middle of Washington Park. I huffed it up there 75% of the way on the bicycle and then decided to walk the rest. I was able to get some good shots of the roses but unfortunately end of summer is not the best time to go to see the garden. I will still impressed by the varieties and appreciate the work that had gone into creating such a great place.

Another cool thing to do and place to see was the Willamette River. I spent some time along side the river whether it be on my bicycle or laying on a park bench reading my Kindle. As it runs straight through Portland, it's a strong frame of reference for the locals.

Other than that, I checked out some great spots for grub. Reviews below!


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