Glaciers Chilkat State Park Haines Alaska

Rain. The Bringer of Life. Rain. The Bringer of Flash Floods. Rain. The Bringer of Wet Socks. Rain. The Bringer or Boring Days.

Rain. We woke up very much the same way we fell asleep with rain tapping on the roof of the tent. We still managed some adventure once the rain broke. Day 16 is here!

Daily report:


As you may have guessed we spent most of our day relaxing reading the books we had purchased for the ferry. No worries though as the rain didn't last forever. By late afternoonm, a break in the rain made us hopeful that we had the chance venture out into town to check things out. We took some pictures as we went along.

Camping in Chilkat State Park Haines Alaska

Above is a picture of camp. You can barely tell that things are damp but don't worry you can take my word for it.

We decided to ride into town to get some firewood and food. On our way we happened upon some beautiful glaciers popping out of the mountains to the west of us. Gregg got the amazing shot from the top of the post.

Glaciers Chilkat State Park Haines Alaska

I also managed to get some pictures with my phone:

Glaciers Chilkat State Park Haines Alaska

Glaciers Chilkat State Park Haines Alaska

Also, earlier down the road Gregg succeeded in to get a good shot of the Chilkat inlet. As you may see in the picture the inlet is also adjacent to the mountains with the glaciers.

Chilkat Inlet Haines Alaska

After our picture stop we pulled rode down towards town. We saw a gas station right off of Mud Bay so we decided to fill up the bikes. The gas was expensive ($5+ a gallon!) but I’ll be darned they had 92 octane. Can't get that in the lower 48 can we..

Super Unleaded 92 Octane Gas Haines Alaska

We took a quick tour of town and even cycled down to the ferry dock.

Tip: The ferry dock is a couple miles from downtown Haines. It's not a very easy walk.

We got some food and firewood at Howser's IGA (the only grocery store in town) and some beer across the street. Gregg was real excited when we came across Langunita's Special Shut-Down Ale. Anything that is special or limited in the bay area seems to be the most sought after (and often the most unavailable). So cheers to nice surprises!

Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-down Ale in Haines Alaska

We headed back admiring the views as we lingered along the the twists and turns of Mud Bay Road. It was nice that the weather was cooperating. (At least for now..)

Drying Feet in the Fire While Camping In Chilkat State Park

We built a fire and cooked our food. I attempted to get the fire going but it appeared to be a formidable foe. It seemed as if the moist ground was the main culprit. Luckily, after some iterations of chopping tinder and kindling, we finally got the fire going.

Nothing like a camp fire, a beer and some warm food to end the day!

The Gear

Harbor Freight Hatchet

Gregg decided to bring his hatchet from Harbor Freight. At first I was apprehensive but after using it a couple times to shave and cut wood bits for the fire I was glad we had it. If you're going on a trip make sure you have something to shave and cut wood with. Even a large multi-purpose knife could suffice.