Tip of the Day 18

Packing for a trip, you want to have everything you need, right? I believe that there's a tendency to overpack rather than under pack. What is one thing though that I highly recommend any backpacker pack? Sandals⠀ ⠀

Sandals can be used in multitudes of different situations including showering and shuffling around the spot you're staying (hostel/hotel). Regarding the former, I recommend a sandal that can withstand getting wet over and over. The pair that I bought were a $5 pair from Wal-mart. They've done the trick since day one. ⠀

They're also quite useful when a hostel gives you a pair that are uncomfortable and borderline dangerous. That way you can get around in comfort and in style. ⠀

More tips coming you way. In the meantime, have a great week and happy trails! 😎⠀