Tip 11

You're in the middle of nowhere. You're wondering "Why does everything hate me?!" Everything has gone wrong and you have no where else to turn to... but your insurance policy! And in a good way. 😉

I have personally benefited from purchasing insurance policies that make sense. For instance, I knew that my motorcycle had high mileage and the possibility of breakdown was inevitable, so why not mitigate that risk with a $99 AAA policy?

Additionally, traveling abroad with lots of electronics leads to the higher possibility that one or more of those things will get wrecked or ruined during that time. A travel policy that covers personal belongings, in that case, is a must. I have already sent my claims in for my camera and hope to hear back sometime this week. I can keep ya'll posted on that.

Note: A typical policy runs around $70 a month and also ranges depending on where you travel to

So, moral of the story? Buy insurance when it makes sense to. You're betting against another person essentially that something bad will happen. Most of the time, bad things don't happen (and that's why insurance companies exist). When they do though, it's a sigh of relief!

Happy Trails!