Tip 13

Ever think that your local cuisine is unhealthy? Try living in Taiwan, only eat street food and not gain any weight. ;)

Taiwan is notorious for carbs and fat. They often go hand and hand. Luckily there are some better options when you're not having a fat day:

Lunch box restaurants!

These are scattered throughout Taipei (and Taiwan at large) and they provide convenient ways to get quick and cheap food. You usually get the choice of vegetables and then a protein. I typically pick the things that I can recognize like broccoli/cauliflower and chicken. It's typically served on a bed of rice and the prices range anywhere between $50 and $110 (NTD).

There is a big BUT here, they don't have nearly as much protein as a western meal may have. If you're trying to live on a reduced/complex carb diet this can prove to be tough. Most places with oblige the request for double meat (at a fee $20-40NTD fee).

In my experience the offerings may vary from place to place but it's generally the same meats and veggies.

Until next time, Happy Trails. 😎