Tip 15

With some inspiration from my end-of-year reflection, I came to the realization that some of the moderately expensive items enabled me to be more explorative than I normally would have. (It's an excellent exercise to think about the things and the people who made you most happy. Highly recommend!)

For instance, the purchase of my camera has been one of the best purchases this past year. It's has enabled me to go explore in places that I wouldn't have.

Most recently, as most of you can tell, I spent some time by the ocean in Yehliu. There was a closed off area which I originally did not intend on venturing into. I did consider it but alas decided to keep hiking on the still open trail.

I had gotten some cool pictures but I was hoping for a few more good shots from that location. The opportunities seemed to be slim to none.

As I found myself more and more in the remote region of the park, I realized that it was quite easy to go down into that 'restricted area.' I saw a set of unmarked stairs and without a second thought, I started my trek down closer to the water.

I even remember thinking, "Holy crap this is the place!" I took the best pictures from that location that day..

So in conclusion, sometimes rules are there for you to bend. You need to be cognizant of your safety at all times though. In this case, I saw plenty of local fishermen and women along the rocks I hiked. If it wasn't safe, they definitely wouldn't have been there!

That's it for now. Have a great week and happy trails. 😎