Tip 17

I attended a motorcycle rally in Yosemite California this fall. I met many cool people and listened to their amazing stories. One of the folks who presented made it a point to land in unknown places, buy a motorcycle, and then proceed to adventure around seeing things and meeting people along the way.

One presenter discussed how he had his motorcycle repainted only to realize that it no longer had the scar of someone trying to stab his gas can for gas in the middle of Africa. Probably something i'd like to avoid.. 😂

One thing that's tricky bout any type of travel is the fact that everything you own and more importantly your ticket out of a foreign country (i.e. your passport!) is extremely valuable and a temptation to seedy individuals.

I'm particularly paranoid about this and often will have my bag locked even while on my back. I lock it using a simple combination lock which provides enough protection and deterrent for most situations. Most of the time my electronics, passport, and plane tickets will stay in that compartment unless immediately needed.

Even when my bag is off my back, it's often locked in a room or compartment where I am the only person that can get to it. A hostel is a good example of a place that I will attempt to keep things locked up especially when i'm adventuring around town.

The moral of this story though is that if folks want something they will always get to it but generally a little deterrent can go a long way and prevent lots of headaches.

That's it for now. Have a great weekend and happy trails. 😎