How to get decent sleep while backpacking.

Tip 4: Getting a good nights sleep wherever you are: I really appreciate a good nights sleep. Without sleep I am just a grumpy man. Sleeping in hostels can be frustrating especially if your roommates decide to come back to sleep at all hours of the night. Here are some tips that I compiled to help maintain your sleep and wake up rested!

  1. In Asia, for whatever reason, they like using large duvet blankets on their beds. After camping for 3 months, I have found that the most useful item to have with me is a sleeping bag liner. The sleeping bag liner has two purposes, at least for me. The first being that it provides the bare minimum covering when sleeping. That way I can avoid waking up all sweaty when using a duvet. The second being I generally pull it over my head to block the light in the room. Here's the affiliate link and non-affiliate link for the one I have used for the past 4 months:
  2. Earplugs!!! I recommend buying a small pack of earplugs and use them religiously. They will help filter out all the little bumps and snores that happen throughout the night. Plus if you're into going to music shows they help protect your hearing.
  3. Benadryl - This is more of a hack than anything (and don't recommend doing this too often) but a couple Benadryl will put almost anyone asleep. It is what I would consider a brute force method to getting to sleep in almost any situation. I am not a doctor so I recommend talking your doctor before doing anything with a medication to get to sleep. That's about it. Hope you find better sleep on the road. Happy Trails!