Getting wrinkles out of your clothes in a pinch.

Getting the wrinkles out of clothing with no iron can be impossible. Likely though, there is another way to de-wrinkle a piece of clothing.

The first, and more efficient, way to get wrinkles, besides using an iron, is a good ol' dryer. If you're tight on cash though, there is another option: the hair dryer. I'd done this hack a few times in a pinch and it's usually worked out. The procedure is below:

  1. Put the shirt on a hanger or some place that will keep it stable. (You'll see why in a sec)
  2. Spray a light mist on the shirt. If you have a spray bottle sweet, otherwise sprinkle water using your hands or even using a damp towel and rub it against the shirt. Be careful not to get it too wet!
  3. Find yourself a hair dryer. Most places will have a hair dryer if not anything else.
  4. Turn the hairdryer on full blast and point it on the inside of the garment. Usually the most wrinkly bits are the arms. This method works quite well for that!

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes but it sure beats having a wrinkly shirt!