Is the best of everything really the best?

I often rely on review sites too much to dictate where I go and what I do. It's a culture that is especially prominent in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Sometimes people spend hours coordinating and researching restaurants they plan on dining at. This generally drives me absolutely bonkers.

While traveling, I highly urge folks to go find a good restaurant based on other factors rather than Yelp or Foursquare. One constant suggestion that I keep hearing over and over is "If there is a line, you know the food is good." This is always a safe bet especially far away from home.

Another obvious (or not so obvious) suggestion is to ask the locals. I have experienced some tasty food that I otherwise would have overlooked if it weren't for my new friends.

Lastly, wander down an alleyway that you normally wouldn't. I've found some cool places while doing this exercise. It's fun to keep an open mind and see what I can find around the next corner. I have even gone back to places that looked good when I walked by them days or even weeks earlier.

Overall, eating food is supposed to be a fun experience not something fraught with stress. I hope y'all find this useful and put it to good use on your travels.

Until the next one, have an awesome weekend and happy trails.