The Mission

An example picture brought to you by Gregg, it is of the mountains lining the eastern portion of the Denali Highway.

Note: This post was original posted on August 25, 2013 after arriving back from this trip. Follow along!

As you may or may not know, Gregg G. and I just finished our trip to Alaska. We rode our motorcycles approximately 7081 miles in just 3 weeks! We took tons of pictures and videos of which some came out quite well. (I can’t wait to share) Most importantly of all, we met some great people and forged some great memories that will stick with us for a lifetime!

For those of you who don’t know, Gregg and I met freshman year in college. We happened to be in the same orientation group the first week. What we didn’t know up until that point was that we lived 15 minutes away from each other growing up and had mutual friends (weird right?). Nevertheless, planning and executing a trip to Alaska seemed like something we wanted to do about 8 months ago. It took some moderately serious planning and the ability to plunk down $815 (at least to get us fully committed – I spent over $2400 when it was all said and done) for the ferry ride from Haines.

The mission here on out is to provide you with planning tips, a day-by-day account of the places we saw as we traveled the Last Frontier and showcase some of the equipment that we were both really glad we didn’t leave home without.

What’s Next?

Here is a list of upcoming posts i’ll be writing. Stay tuned for more!

  1. Planning the Great Alaskan Journey - Planning the Great Alaskan Journey is no small task. This article outlines what we did to plan out our adventure.
  2. Alaska Bound - Day 1: After some laborious planning and several large burritos later, our Alaskan motorcycle ride begins!
  3. Getting Aquainted With Canada - Day 2: We ride into Canada almost to get turned around by a grumpy set of customs officers. Luckily a motorcylist's charm is irresistable.
  4. Glaciers Glaciers Everywhere - Day 3: Onwards and Upwards. We make our way through British Columbia to Yukon Territory.
  5. Give Me A Y - Day 4: Things get even more beautiful as wel progress into Yukon Territory along the ALCAN.
  6. The Final Stretch - Day 5: Almost.. to.. Alaska. We have a little bit more to go to get to Alaska. We can't wait to hit the Top of the World Highway but first a ferry crossing!
  7. Touchdown Alaska - Day 6: We finally hit Alaska via the Top of the World Highway. We then meander our way down to Tok, Alaska where we spend the night.
  8. Motorcycling to the Arctic Circle - Day 7: It was time to go further on our adventure. The weather was poor in the south so we ride north to the Artic Circle via the Dalton Highway.
  9. Riding Motorcycles on the Denali Highway - Day 8: We ride our motorcycles from the Arctic Circle to the The Denali Highway.
  10. How do I sell a used motorcycle? - Are you trying to sell a motorcycle? In this article, you learn actionable tips and tricks to get selling motorcycle right the first time.
  11. Riding Motorcycles at the Kennicott Circus - Day 9: We ride down long gravel roads in Kennicott Alaska not knowing whether we'll be in a ditch moments later.
  12. The Day of Rest: Motorcycling Can Be Tough - Day 10: After a crash, a brused body and ego, we ride our motorcycles to Anchorage for some much needed rest.
  13. We Motorcycle Down to Seward From Anchorage - Day 11: After a day of rest, we ride our motorcycles down from Achorage to Seward.
  14. Motorcyling to the Homer Spit - Day 12: After a peaceful stay in Seward, it was time to ride our motorcycles to the other side of the Kenai Penninsula and see what's up.
  15. Motorcycle Hope and the Whittier Tunnel - We decide to ride our motorcycles back up the Kenai Penninsula to check out Hop and Whittier Alaska.
  16. Being Helpful on the Road Back to Tok - In day 14, we ride our motorcycles from Anchorage back to Tok and make some friends along the way.
  17. The Cold Rainy Ride to Haines - Day 15: We take a cold and rainy exit to Alaska proper and aim for our final motorcycle destination: Haines, Alaska and the Alaska Marine Highway.
  18. Putting around Haines Alaska - Day 16: And when it rains it pours. We spend our day in then tent. Fortunately exploration comes shortly after.
  19. Motorcycle the Alaska Marine Highway - Day 17: We ride the Alaska Marine Highway. Conveniently there is no motorcycle gear required..
  20. Another Day Aboard The MV Columbia - Day 18: Our first day on the M/V Columbia as we ride the Alaska Marine Highway.
  21. Our third day on the Alaska Marine Highway - Day 19: our third day on the Alaska Marine Highway.. What do to do...
  22. Our last day on the Alaska Marine Highway - Day 20: We brought Louisiana to Alaska and had some fun in the process. Gotta find some type of adventure on the Alaska Marine Highway..
  23. Almost Two Iron Butts Back to San Francisco - Day 21: (an almost) iron butt motorcycle ride back to San Francisco. We made it without crashing into anything!

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